Is he now willing to date?

2 years ago, a high school guy friend began texting and saying he had a crush on me. I had just gotten out of a one year relationship so we just texted for a couple of months. But when I clearly flirted back and let him know that I was interested after he told me he was interested in me (since he kept flirting and had not made a move) he just kept doing the same old thing...just texts.

About 7 months past and he suddenly stopped texting and then he changed his Facebook status to in a relationship...I was disappointed, felt led on and was upset more than mad. I left him a text telling him how disappointed I was because he had actually asked me out twice but blew plans saying he was busy with 2 jobs and then I find he got into a relationship. 4 months after, he texted apologyzing sayin it was the worst mistake of his life and that he was immature and stupid. I forgave him but left it at that. he continued to try and talk to me but I ended up dating a guy early this year ( things didn't work out). Then he continued to message me, and finally in September (this past month) he said he missed talking to me and that he still apologizes for leading me on and being an a**hole. He said he wants another opportunity, I simply said that we can talk for now because he can't expect me to jump into how things used to be. But now we only text every other day.

It has been a month, how do I go about this? How can I know for sure that he is actually wanting us to date and not just talk. I don't feel I need to be pushy as I was before by asking why he never asks to see me, he should know by now.

He does have two jobs, he has told me were he works and we lie in the same city.

Any suggestions, I would appreciate it, now I am not sitting around waiting on him and miss other opportunities that may come my way but I don't want to walk away either.


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  • You were his 2nd or third choice. Do with this information what you wish. A texting relationship isn't a relationship.

    • right...I feel I am just an emotional support. Would it be bad if now he is my second option since he did me wrong and is not stepping up? or is that just hypocrisy?

    • Nope. You don't ow him anything

    • thank you for your advice, I get different responses from friends and family.

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  • you are the back up plan honey

    • what if I make him my back up plan too, because my options are now open since HE is not stepping up...

      is that bad?