Girls: How do I know whether she actually wants to text me?

So I've been texting this girl for a while now, and she NEVER initiates (actually maybe twice), but she always replies? Be it a short or long response.

I usually text her once every 1-2 days.

I don't know whether she is just being nice, as she is a very kind person, or that she is actually interested in me. I suppose it helps to note that we are currently in our finals, and obviously both busy with revision. I suppose I should assume that she doesn't want to text me because she thinks she may disturb me, but by not texting me she is disturbing me.

Overall I'm confused. ( too many mixed signals recently)

I just want to know whether I need to keep on talking to her or just give up as she is not interested. Thanks for any helpful tips.


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  • Some girls never text first. Even if they're in a full-on dating relationship with the guy, the still believe the guy should always text first. Maybe this applies to her?

    Otherwise, it sounds like she is somewhat interested in you, if she always replies! Because when I don't like a guy, I don't bother texting him back (unless it's important of course) ESPECIALLY if I'm busy like you said.

    Just keep talking to her and see where things go, if she starts showing more interest. Ask her out to coffee or to hangout or something, then depending on her answer you'll see where she stands!

    • Thanks, I will keep talking to her for now, do you think once a day is too much?

    • Not at all, but maybe not EVERY day, just a few times a week.

      It honestly depends on the girl. If you notice she's one of the girls who's always on their phones, then go ahead. If she's a girl who doesn't seem to text that much, maybe try to make time for more face-to-face rather than text conversation (:

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  • it's a girl thing. With many girls, if they text a guy first it seems needy, desperate and makes them vulnerable if you don't reply, which is probably why she doesn't text you first all that often so don't be put off by that! be a man and text her first haha! Also as you're both doing your finals too then she's bound to be stressed out and might have just forgotten. it sounds though that she really enjoys texting you since she always replies so don't stress!

    As far as progression goes I would wait until after your finals are over before making a move, but when they are ask her out. Just be bold and make sure when you're asking her you say can I take you out for a meal, like a date. or something just include the word date so she knows your serious if she says no you have your answer and if she says yes, then you're off!

    Good luck :)

  • Every girl is different. Some girls text back because they "don't want to be mean". Other girls won't engage in conversation with you if they don't feel like it.

    The only way to know how she feels is to stop trying to be psychic and bluntly ask her. The most she can say is that she's not interested.

  • If she seems to enjoy texting you, then she might still be interested, especially if she's replying to you. A lot of it has to do with her individual personality. Like most of my friends will initiate texts all the time, but it's really rare for me to do so. It isn't that I think guys should always text first, it's not a game, it's not a sign of disinterest, it's just how I am with everyone. Could be that she's not a huge fan of texting.

    Asking her to hang out or get coffee or something is a good way to know if she's interested. If she says yes (or if she says no but offers another day that she's free), she is interested.

    • Don't girls go out with guys to coffee, movies or whatnot as friends though? How would I imply that its more than that

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    • thanks, I will try to the best of my ability to do a good job at flirting anyway...though yep I'm not close with this girl at all,I will definitely ask her towards end of our exams. Should I be sticking to texting or calling her for this eventually?

    • Sorry, I forgot to reply. So... I'd say texting and calling are both alright. Calling is a little more personal, which is always a good thing, but if she's shy or something she might prefer texting just because it gives her time to think things through a little bit.

  • its hard because she could be the type that talks to anybody she wants without fearing it or she could be the one that plays games and doesn't text you to play games even if she wants too


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  • Stop texting, ask her out. You will know her interest, then.

    • Thanks, yea...I should just cut the crap and ask her out, I will do so soon!