Is there any point in wishing this girl a happy birthday?

we haven't really been getting along and every time I see her she is annoyed at me as I had tried to date her but she wasn't feeling it , but I do really like her and still consider her a friend , I don't know I'm torn , she couldn't really get upset at for simply saying hi happy birthday could she ? or is it better to just say nothing at all .

and I won't see her in person today it would only be online that I could say anything


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  • If you mean "any point" as in that she will feel better towards you or in the sense that you get any benefit from saying this, then no, I'm sorry there probably is no point.

    Though if you want to just wish her a happy birthday from the goodness of your heart not expecting her to change any feelings about you, then go right on ahead because she probably won't get upset or anything from it.

    Just so as long as it's not anything drawn out or weird, just short and simple. "Happy birthday (:" over something like "hey, hope you've been feeling better lately, I miss talking to you, happy birthday and I hope you have a good day" etc.

    • I wouldn't really be expecting any benefit from such a simple thing . just wanted her to know I cared

    • That's sweet, you should go right on ahead. (:

    • i did send one but never heard anything back , my guess is she was so busy and so drunk she didn't have time to pay that much attention to it but either way I wanted her to know I was thinking of her

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  • There's nothing wrong with being a decent human being.

    And wishing somebody a 'Happy Birthday, enjoy your day' when you know very well that it's their birthday is something decent human beings do.

    It does not matter how she treats you - even if she completely blows you off after you wish her - it says a lot more about you as a person. If she's a bitch for no reason in the entire world, she's the one with issues.

    Having said that. Don't buy her things, don't chase her, don't treat her like the entitled princess she might thinks she is. Just be chilled & send a Happy Birthday text.

    • she didn't wish me a happy birthday during the summer but then she maybe didn't know about it , I actually saw her on the weekend and we didn't really seem to get along at all , we did talk at one point but it was awkward , maybe I should of wished her it then

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    • Make it as basic as possible.

      Happy Birthday Rachel, enjoy your day.

    • yeah think I'll cut the friends part , trying to keep it short

  • just wish her a happy birthday and that's it


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  • No, there's no need to say it to her. She doesn't sound like she even likes you as a friend.