Anyone dated/currently dating a Scottish? What's it like dating with a Scottish man? (from Glasgow)

i recently dating a scottish man from glasgow for 2 months now, which was a bit different from how I usually date.. got really confused by their dating culture.

and I heard about they never really date. is there anyone got and experience can share with?


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  • Here's a joke to illustrate the phenomenon.

    A Brit, an Irishman, and a Scot are sitting in the pub, enjoying their pints when three flies come in and land one in each of their drinks.

    The Brit holds his glass aloft, and says "Oh Barman! I seem to have a problem with my drink. Be a good chap and draw me another pint if you would."

    The Irishman picks out the fly, and uses the opportunity to sneak it into the Brit's bangers and mash.

    The Scot also picks out the fly, but he stares it in the eye, forehead vein bulging dangerously, befor e finally exploding and yelling at it, "SPIT IT OUT, YE THIEVING BUGGER!"

    That's about what the different cultures boil down to.


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