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please advice! I'm going out with a guy tomorrow (eck!) and we're going to play pool and have a drink. It's only casual but I want to make an impression as I like this guy and want him to think 'wow' when he sees me. I think a dress is too much so I'm guessing jeans? Would low heels be okay as well? It's not an 'official' date (we haven't said 'its a date' but we both want to meet up), So because it's not official I don't want to go over top. How flirty should I be? He used to be really flirty but now it's not as much yet still wants to meet me and was asking me where I wanted to go to meet. He's confusing me a bit. Is he backing off from me but being polite?


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  • "Pool and a drink" -- Ask yourself questions regarding what would look best:

    "Does a dress going with playing pool and drinking?" -- answer = nope ^_^

    Heres what I think about the atire situation ;;

    --Heels will end up making your feet SORE by the end of the night, and on top of that -- your going to be drinking. Save yourself from falling down the stairs if you take one drink to several drink(s) and overdo yourself... A nice pair of sandles/flip flops look great on a woman. Tennis shoes / boots wouldn't be appropriate for a first date by most means.

    --With the dress, you don't want to come across the pool table and have guys staring at your ass - I recommend some nice fiting jeans, and probably a dark color incase you get something spilt on them (White makes a stain stick out Really bad.)

    As far as him backing off, acknowledge the fact that he likes you in his mind ;; the reason why is the fact that you don't have time to play "Does he like me" ... Well, quite frankly you do -- your young just like myself, but its simply not worth the wait. It's much easier to just assume he likes you (as most guys probably do?)

    - Don't immediately sweet talk this guy, but when your walking in to the bar/location where you'l be drinkin and playing pool ; put your arm through his like he would be escorting you on prom night.

    - When your playing pool, totally goof up on purpose (but don't let it be noticeable) and ask him to help you, later on through the night get a little better so he doesn't have to baby sit you playing pool (This will get him to be close to you so he can show you how to play pool, very romantic)

    - Laugh a lot and be laid back

    This guy sounds like he may be a keeper, keep an eye out for Red-Flag moments of him talking about ex's and/or talking about sex, anything that you don't really like... My own opinion is that a few minor ones are okay, but one big one or a bunch of small red-flags should be a tell-tale sign to thank him for the night and walk away ^_^

    Good luck~


    • Hey thanks for the tips. Never thought out flip flops! :) When I met up with him on a night out for a bit his brother told me later on on fbook that he could see me and this guy had a thing going on :) and then told me his bro had been hurt by women in the past. so hopefully he's just being cautious! defo going to try the goofing up part. =D x

    • ^_^ good luck, and your welcome. p.s. If you like the advice in my answer, hit "Best answer" that way its always on top. That way future generations can benefit from the same advice =)

      Again, stay safe and have fun =P

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  • hmmmm. look cute but don't go over the top. wear something really comfortable yet has you looking hot.

    how about some nice fitting jeans with a loose top but not extremely lose nor long.

    heels...i don't know

    what about some cute flat sandals? :)

    hope you came out with an outfit :)

  • Jeans, nice top and low heels, yes!

    Be flirty but not over the top that he thinks casual bout it

    if he's really backed off..then why does he want to meet?

    • He just doesn't seem to send as many flirty texts as he used to, but he still texts me all throughout the day! everyone morning I get a text saying good morning! That's what I don't get. I did see him when I was out with my friends drinking a couple days ago (we text to meet) bit and he was leaning close to me and flirting, like trying to kick my heels then pulling me close so I wouldn't fall over but my friends wanted to moved on so I had to go... gah. he says he's shy. lol

    • Lol I know what you mean I got one who sends me a msg saying 'enjoy ur day' or 'enjoy ur nite'

      Go with the flow, don't over think about why he does this an that (You'll make yourself crazy)

      It sounds like he does like yeah shy about you!!

  • Wear something comfortable and that fits. Just be natural, and don't come on too strong.

  • For shoes I would most recomend converse, they always do the trick for me, you can dress them up, or dress them down, + they look good and don't hurt your feet. Good Luck!