What should I do and does he like me?

ok so I met a guy on shabbat at my cousins, me and my friend were guna go on a walk and we invited him we tlked the whole walk basically and during lunch. We told him we were going to a haunted house and he got all excited so we invited him to go with us he came and he wasn't feeling well at all his stomach was really hurting him anyway he walked me abck to school and the whole time in the haunted house he was holding my hand and on the walk back I was wearing his sweatshirt because I was cold he baught me a drink at the bar we went to after adn we he was walking wiht his hand around my waste. so on Sunday he texted me he didn't go to the bar that he usually does to watch football because he was still not feeling well so he invited me over to watch with him so we I went at like 4 and was there till 11 we also watched a movie and we hu a little but decided to not go far and I made a little joke we shud save something for nxt time if there is a next time and he said well if I wanted a random hu that woud have been last night he walked me outside caught me a cab than kissed me I texted him yesterday we tlked for a little now its his turn to text me but he hasn't texted me yet today and don't know what to do.

Do you think he likes me? adn if he doesn't text me tonight what should I do nothing and justlet him text me if he ever decides t I wnat him to know I like him and it kind of looked like he shpwed interest or am I totally off about this?



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  • If he's still sick he might not want to do anything he could have gotten worse

    Sorry for the negative part

    I would wait to text him if you don't hear from him by tomorrow I'd text him saying something like hey it's so and so are you feeling any better ?

    • I mean he was at work today, adn he wrote on Facebook adn was sitting on fb and didn't message me:(

    • Oh

      I'm sorry I don't know what to do then