Like him, don't know what to say, different state, help!

So I'm 19, never had boyfriend, kissed a guy etc... I really like this guy from home who I have know for almost 3 years. Apparently he used to like me 2 years ago and I didn't know. Anyway I don't fall for guys easy and I feel like there was always a part of me that liked him and that its partially the reason I grew up with some of his family with not even knowing. It might sound crazy but I feel it might happen. Right now I am moved 4 states over, I saw him before I left and he wanted to come work where I did for the summer. We text some and snapchat. he's not a guy that texts first unless its a birthday but whenever you message him he will answer right away and is really nice. He says he's proud of me for my job and stuff too. How do I text him everyonce in awhile with out getting annoying, need new convo starters. I wanna know what he would think if he knew id like him but I donno if I should say anything cause we are far away and I won't see him till Christmas. And I don't wanna ruin anything if he feels different. I don't know what to do, I've never been happier and can't stop thinking about him

I text him like once a week or every few weeks, depending if I have anything to say to him. And everyone knew he did


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  • You're not really going to "ruin" anything by feeling him out a bit. Distance can be a real damper on relationships, so if you don't plan on living or working near each other in the future, it will be quite difficult to manage. Keep it cool, and if sparks fly for Christmas, you can work something out together.

    I wouldn't get too invested in this, though. It seems like both of you have your own things going on, and what you feel is only in your head. Did you start liking him only once you found out that he "used to like you?" Be on the lookout for opportunities that are right in front of you to meet upstanding men.

  • With the long distance I would let it ride how it is for now. Don't text everyday, but if he likes you he won't be annoyed by your texts. When you see him for Christmas see how things go. Maybe flirt some. If the situation permits maybe bring up the past feelings he had. Assuming he is the one who told you he used to like you...


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