Do's and don'ts on the first date?

Just a general question but Let's say your going on your very first date. Your nervous and not sure what to expect. Obviously, you want to make a good first impression so you don't want to talk too much and dress slutty.

So what are some Do's & don'ts for the first date? Like what to wear or not to wear, say or not to say, and ect..

It be great to get some good feedback from both Guys and girls because what may be sexy to one person may not to the other person. Comments appreciated. :)


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  • Okay, absolutely agree with you in not dressing slutty but on the other hand no guy wants to go on a date with a girl dressed in an Amish get up except for the very conservative or religious guys personally I like smart casual. This can go from accessorizing your bust line at a very minimum exposure to show you are not ashamed of your body but it is not on display kind of look. For me intelligence for a woman is everything so if you wear glasses wear them because I would then know I will have a smart and sophisticated conversation based on varying topics from politics, environment, financial to personal. Taking turns giving thin layer of details is very good because it gives the guy a gist of who you are but you are leaving him room to discuss or ask questions he should be able to do the same based on the quality of the kind or your taste in guys hopefully all word choices will be conducive to a comfortable social atmosphere. Definitely pick a quiet place but nothing too intimate for the first date because it is all about getting to know each other it is vital to maintain eye contact to show interest in each others conversations talking with your hands some guys don't mind but some are annoyed by it. In my opinion by the end of the first date you should both walk away with a good understanding of both each other and where the relationship is going whether it will be serious or has a good chance of a future or maybe you never want to see that person for the rest of your life regrettably it does happen from time to time. Many times I have done well with first dates on the other hand my choice of first dates may have gone awry my intentions were not clear and I have been used for physical relationships sorry if it is TMI but it is connected to the point I am making yes it can happen to guys to if we come off for lack of a better word slutty it can be us taken advantage of as well. This is beneficial for both genders having respect for one another from the very start is important, whether you were friends before or have worked together and are acquaintances who are seeking to become more than just friends the best thing is to just start over from there to form a relationship best oriented down the path of possible marriage but don't go running for the altar.

    • Awesome, thanks for the Great advise. :) Where do you think would be a good place to go on the first date?

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  • Do:

    - Go on a run or to the gym before your date so that you'll feel your best.

    - Wear something cute and casual. Since it's fall, I would probably wear a sweater, skinny jeans, and boots. Make sure you like your outfit -- if you do, you'll feel a lot more confident.

    - Make eye contact and smile!

    - Ask questions to show him that you're interested.

    - Gradually open yourself up to him.

    - Be silly! Joke around with him. Tease him.

    - Genuinely thank him when he pays for the date (or IF he pays for the date).


    - Avoid eye contact.

    - Tell him everything about your life right away, on that first date. You'll seem more interesting if you give him the chance to wonder about you.

    - Go to his place if he asks.

    • Great, Thanks for the Great advise. :) I know you said don't tell him everything becuase you want to seem more interesting, so what would be a example of how to keep a guy wondering about you when your talking about yourself?