Deleting text messages. Am I over thinking?

A guy friend I'd been intimate with in the past, been friends 3 years and it came up in the past he deletes all his messages several times a day. It came up recently with the girl he's dating. He was telling me their conversation and he said except yours I don't delete right away. Didn't think much of it till the other day we were texting and he had to save something I sent, I said save that before you delete your messages and he said I don't delete yours. I just thought that was odd especially because we sometimes text a lot (50-100 in day sometimes, half him half me). I joked I must be special, he said yes. I have no idea if I'm the only one but struck me as odd. Honestly I don't delete his either. But I'm still crushing on him. Does this mean anything? Or am I over thinking it?


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  • It's because he has multiple women and knows what he is doing. 100% fact. I answer questions like these and no one believes me but I know it usually.

    • I really don't think it's multiple. Is he thinking I'm backup girl? Yeah that crossed my mind but we were friends way before the intimacy. Still are. I believe I'm a big presence in his life, at least as a friend. Just thought it was odd he said that he doesn't delete mine when I know he deletes messages on a regular basis.

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    • *uses sheet and dark shoe polish* NO ONE CAN SEE ME!

    • won't disagree. at one point I actually knew his code for his phone. Not that I would ever look I'm not that type of person.

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  • I think the whole situation is weird - him deleting texts and you guys texting 50-100 times a day. So I guess you're not over thinking it?

    • I don't know if I am. Yes that's a lot of of texts. Not that much everyday but we talk on the phone sometimes, but yeah 50+ isn't uncommon for us a couple times a week.

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