Why do guys don't call when say they going to call

My boyfriend hasn't called since Monday and called him but doesn't return the phone calls. He text me the other day saying later I'm busy right now. But he hasn't called so I worried if he okay or something bothering him. I don't know what it is. Why don't you guys call when you say going to call. I been upset about this because this is part of relationship to be open and honest with each other. Not playing games. Tell me why guys.

I trying to but he doesn't call me back when I call him to discuss it and I think he avoiding me for some reason. He never done this before. I just worried he doesn't want me anymore or care to share if he's worried or stressed about something. I don't know


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  • If it's one thing guys like to do it's play games. I think you and him should have a conversation about what he's doing. Communication is very important in any relationship.