Did my text scare him? Or was he never committed anyway?

So I was dating this guy for a few months, he moves really slow , has gotten his heart broken before, hasn't been in a relationship for years, was in one 8 year one and said he usually breaks up with a girl after 2 months because he isn't sure if he should be with his ex. So lol I know that all is no bueno, it's so obvious why were no longer together but him and I were friends for a bit before we dated. So to make a very long story short, basically we dated little longer than I guess he has dated most girls it seemed lol and it seemed he was talking about future and us getting to know each other more until it was around my birthday and I was having a birthday thing the following week. He did ask me beginning of the month about my birthday plans and had been saying he would come for my birthday and take off work but then last time I saw him he wasn’t sure if he can get off. I feel like he gets off for any other days though, just sayin. So the week came for my birthday and I didn’t hear from him so I text him if he was gonna make it that weekend and he said “Oh this sucks, I can’t , I’m such a bad son, forgot it’s my dad’s birthday so I can’t go sat. So I was disappointed but he did say he would take me out for my birthday on my birthday. However, I kinda didn’t believe him because he never called me and he also said he was going to come by me that same week and didn’t say anything ,so I text “it’s nice that you are taking me out for my birthday, you said you would come this week too and didn’t say anything, not sure what to believe, actions speak louder, It just seems every guy I've dated gives like false promises sorta speak” That was the text that made him never talk to me again, he never text back and I sent an apology that it came off bitchy, I was upset and I said you didn’t have to offer to take me out and its your dads birthday so I understand but its me feeling insecure, still nothing from him and now it’s been two months almost. He is never coming back but I felt like he really liked me but my text scared him off or he wasn’t interested or didn’t think he can make me happy. I didn’t mean for it to be bitchy and people make or say things sometimes but really that one text did it, was he ever really invested anyway and we weren’t in a relationship? I hold this guilt now for texting that and if I didn’t I wouldn’t have scared him off, we were getting to know each other. That text like took it another level he couldn’t handle and I never text him again but should I go to him and demand answers or let it be and if he really cared he would come back? Is this all my fault?

Also do you think he was like Damn what a bitch when I said "actions speak louder, every guy I dated gives false promises? you think I really offended him , it's like I said he was like every guy I dated, he prob wouldn't like to be compared ? He was probably like ' I can't be with someone who doesn't believe me" but I apologized, I wasn't saying this wouldn't work out I was still gonna make it work. However, if he gets scared off by one message then I guess it wasn't meant to be anyway?


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  • you don't have to think about what happened. you know this guy can't keep a relationship for more than two months. I think it's because he can't make a commitment. I think you better not talk to him unless he wants to. find some one better. he gave you the word and he broke it. that's him being bitchy not you


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