What are the top reasons for a guy coming back?

I have had a guy walk away from what he and I had (last year in September )which was a friendship blossoming into potential dating and we even talked about it, but he decided to get a girlfriend and 2 months later he dumped her and repeatedly apologized to me and even though I forgave him, we never talked again because I was upset disappointed.

I dated 2 other guys this year and it didn't work out. I had not dated for a year prior to these 2 guys, I had just been talking to the guy I was building friendship with. Now months have gone by and he still tried to apologize and says he can't just let go of what we had because of his stupid decisions. He said he would be happy if I just gave him the opportunity to start talking to me once again.

We have been talking for a month and I would like to know if from what I have told you, his intentions seem good and not a same old song.


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  • It can probably be the same old song. I say don't do the same mistake you once did? if you don't want to be a substitute for his miserable time don't do it


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