Didn't text girl for 2 weeks, & she ended convo with picture message?

Hadnt texted this girl back for like 2 weeks and decided to give her a cold text today and see what her response was. Well we ended up getting into a little bit of a convo, and I told her that I had to go to class, and that we should get together soon. She said "Sounds Great :)" & sent me a picture message of herself (Nothing sexy, just her making a kinda cute funny face). Is this a good sign that she sent me a picture of her? I didn't text her back, as I had a long night class.

I followed up with her by saying cute pic and sending one of my own. After that there were like 3 more messages sent and then the convo died. Would it be a healthy escalation/follow up to invite her to a movie this weekend?


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  • It's a good sign, make sure you follow up.

    • Its been like 7 hours since she sent it. Would it be too late? Or can I still wait until like tomorrow lol

    • Yea I didn't mean tonight LOL, it's too late. I just mean make sure you make contact with her again. I'm not exactly sure what you should say though. Maybe specify something to do like grab dessert.

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  • I would invite her to the movie. If you're really interested in her you should at least take her on one date and see how it goes.

    • Already did, asking her on a second date tomorrow.

  • All it means is that she likes you and is being playful...probably not good that you didn't respond.

    • Well I told her I had to go, and then she sent that. How would I perhaps go about following up?

    • Tell her it's a cute picture and then send one of yourself smiling or something.

  • DO IT. She is probably confused, it sounds like you have a good chance.


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