Would her past keep you away?

So its been 6 months since my ex and me had our nasty break up.. we both are 16.

But in our relationship we got really physical fast.. almost done everything except for "it".. (I was the nerdy goof girl..) although he kept trying to convince me to do "it", I felt no.. I did not wanna do any of the stuff but just I got carried away.. but then I said no more of this, 2 months before we broke up.. but this is not the reason why we broke off.. (were together for one year and 2.5 months)

I cry everyday because I let myself do that with him.. and regret it.. and I think why would I guy date me considering all this.. he would stay away.. So I am just scared that if I like a guy I may date him and tell him this and he would leave me..


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  • i don't understand why you are making a big deal out of this.

    You didn't have sex. But you did other sexual stuff.. so ? don't all girls have aan age where they get sexual ? don't they all have sex for the first time or make out for the first time ?

    Unless you are waiting for marriage or the guys you date expect you to be a virgin or something.. it seems to me youa re a regular girl.. I don't understand why you have to cry every day ?

    Just learn to be assertive and know how to say no. Read books on this.

    • The people in my society are not so cool about it.. and so I feel disgusted and pathetic about myself.. but you are right it is not that big a deal.. but.. I just thought.. would knowing this make the guys feelings change towards me or something.. because I am really young to and people do not expect this from a girl my age.. so..

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    • thank you for the best answer. I want you to know that in my opinion.. a girl with your past will not keep me away from her. You should also know that you shouldn't feel pathetic about something '' someone else did'' . You are basically feeling pathetic because ''HE'' sort of deceived you . But remember that nobody is 100% protected from deceit. Even older mature people get fooled. We are not perfect. And as I told you earlier.. you are 16! you are still learning.. so forgive yourself! :)

    • Okayyy! Thanks so much :) I would appreciate if you could answer this question of mine too.. it is kind of stupid but its driving me crazy.. its about this crush I had.. its the first guy I actually like after my break up :P


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  • You don't have to dump out your life story and dating history to a boy.

    You're just 16. Your huge problems will seem silly in a few years.

    Don't engage in any sexual activity you are not ready for and not fully protected (condoms/birth control).

    Learn the life lesson to be your own person and don't break your personal rules to make a guy happy. If you learn this now, you will be much more successful with men for the rest of your life.

  • You obviously weren't ready for sex when it happened, and then it happened, you regretted it, and stopped.

    As a guy, that would tell me you weren't interested anymore (let alone the frustration of not being able to get it anymore). At this age, it's not really "LOVE", so I guess, as he saw he wasn't receiving sex anymore, he thought this relationship wasn't his priority anymore.

    Anyway, you did what you had to do, and it wasn't wrong doing. The guy pushed you too much.

    This wouldn't be a legitimate excuse not to date you for someone else, don't be scared.

    But you aren't obliged to tell it to anybody. You shouldn't, even. as your exes won't really interest your new date, and it would show him you haven't moved on.

    Just be sure about what you want for the next time, be clear about it with the guy when the question arrives, and stick to it.

    • We did not have sex.. but he almost pushed me to it.. so you are saying I should not tell the next guy I date? But does he not deserve to know it?

    • Ok so he saw you wouldn't give in, so he lost interest. Not surprising either.

      I have a rule regarding new dates : they DON'T CARE about your former dates/bf. Seriously, if you talk about that, they'll just think you need emotional support and are not looking for a bf.

    • Oh okay! Thankss! Again :P

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