Should I just kiss him?

I don't think this question could be answered very good without the background info.

Alright, I've had a crush on this guy for my whole senior year. He had a girlfriend but just a little while ago he started coming up to me to talk to me...just out of the blue really. So maybe girlfriend is not important anymore?

Now I'm about to graduate from high school and before I leave, if anything, I want to give this guy a kiss.

Next time I see him should I hug him and then just do it? Or would it freak him out?

I'm afraid that if I do it, he'll be so surprised that he might push me away or make a scene.

I want to be all sexy and confident with making a move like that...but I can't push away the image in my head of being harshly rejected.


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  • I'd go for the kiss. Though I respect marriage, and wouldn't go after a wife, your both in high school. It's not like he's married to her. There's no turning back and all that's left is a risk. I think you'd rather take that risk rather than spend a few years wondering about a chance you didn't take.

    Give him a kiss, he will know of your feelings right then and there, and possibly learn of his own feelings for you. But the bottom line is, you'll never know unless you try.


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  • Well I think you should make a move on him. Sure go ahead. Kiss him. He might reject you but I doubt he'd make a scene, and at least if you kiss him you will know how he feels about it. If you don't you might regret it. Go ahead. try not to worry about it.


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  • I'd go for the hug for sure, but if there still is a gf, I wouldn't go for the kiss, cheek maybe, but not the full on mouther. If he does react badly, combined with the graduating and heading out, that would probably be the end of any possibility there. I personally wouldn't want to leave with a bad taste in my mouth, so to speak.

    I understand the desire to be all sexy and confident all of a sudden, especially if its something you haven't really been before (same way here). Heck, I went for the sexy confident change up, granted I was an ocean and half a continent away from my day to day life, and it was fun. If I were you though, I'd take the hug and stash the sexy, confident you for when you get to college or out into the world where no one has any preconceptions to follow you like high school does. It has a marvoulous way of doing that.

    • Well what the hell, I'm probably never gonnna see these people again.

    • True true, that is the other train of thought. I'm just a kinda never say never person I guess.

  • Kiiss hiim I mean come on is senior year what iif you didn't your gonna regret it.but I mean what guy rejects a kiss he's not gay.soo kiss hiim and just incase he rejects you kiss hiim some where private .ps becarefull with the girlfriiend but I mean if he's hitting on you he must not love her just do iit .

    P.s be sexii and confident the liike that lol good luck

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