Why are most girls so shallow?

If a boy does not have looks, money, power, a new car, or a good career path, it seems that he could possibly never get a date. Knowing people that went through this, I'm very skeptical of girls because I have some of these things.

I don't want to end up with someone like this. Why? I could go into a whole rant, but don't want to offend anyone here. Let's just say I know a few of these girls and #rant #rant #rant

Is there anyone out there not like this? Anymore dating seems to be just playing off status/power... Not really even looks anymore...

You guys realize I'm not complaining I can't get a GF.

I can, and have the chance to now. I'm critiquing the whole shallowness issue.

Thank you CrazynKinky and the few others that actually have been answering my question.



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  • They're not but they can sense that you are and thus you're alone.

    Myself for example... I'm not exceptionally good looking. I don't make a heap load of money. I definitely don't have any elite social status. Despite all of this I'm in a relationship and have almost always been in one aside from a couple years when I was suffering from depression.

    Your excuse is all to common around here. Looks, money, power. That's what women demand of their men. The reality is they just demand you be a man plain and simple. Boys are boys and men are men.

    • Yeah, most women wouldn't find a rich good looking guy anymore attractive than a regular guy. I bet David Beckham doesn't have it any easier than me at all.

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    • That's very little of what you're saying but in any case I'm not prepared to invest any more time in this... you're set in your ways despite the fact it's leading you down a path of self hate.

    • well-said

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  • Are you joking? Look around at all the broke, ugly guys who have girlfriends or are even married. You can find someone, no matter how unattractive and broke you are. It's just a matter of being aware of what types of girls you should be realistically going after.

    People blame their singleness on things like "every woman is shallow and mean, boo hoo" because they don't want to take responsibility for the fact that they're single. They don't want to look at what they're maybe doing wrong. Also, many people actually ENJOY wallowing in self pity.

    "Let's just say I know a few of these girls" HA. Whatever. I know a "few guys". But you don't see me crying about all men as a whole because of a few idiots I've met over the years.

    • Look around yourself. Do you really think ugly, broke guys do as well with women as rich, good looking guys? Seriously?

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    • No. You told me I am like the kind of person who wallows in self pity because of my username.

      You went on a tirade about how it can't possible be my looks that are the problem in dating after, with no such disclaimer.

    • I literally just went back and read what I said, lol. "Not that I really know. It's just kind of a pitiful choice for a username, lol.. Makes you come off like that. "poor pitiful me, I'm too ugly." That's what I said. "Not that I really know."

  • I don't date guys for their looks or money I date them for a personality I do however not date guys that don't have a career path I'm getting to old to think working at some minimum wage job for the rest of his life. If you don't want a girl that's like it's simple don't be shallow. Most people find girls that'll use you because they go for the hot skinny nice ass big tit high maitence girls that know they can get away with it because of their looks

    • I had one of those girls like me a while back. People thought I was crazy for not dating her ;)

      Anyways I know not to be shallow. I tried dating people that seemed not to be like that, they turned into the above soon enough though. Most girls seem to have a stone mold in their mind: if you don't fit, goodbye.

      That and then there are always people who freak out once you ask them to hang out. Whole other story though.

  • i don't depend on others for the above, and I am not obsess about material things too.

  • It always amazes when a guy fails in getting a woman and blames all women for it by proclaiming we are all shallow and want all that stuff. Yes, women do want all that but most women settle. You just have no skill.


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  • I have money, power, cars, successful business, and average looks. I think women want looks over anything else. The other items do mean something but number one thing is looks. Brad Pitts of the world get most of the women.

    Women are very shallow. The normal average nice good guy has little chance in this world.

  • Because if they reproduce without obtaining good genes and adequate resources for their baby it will die. At least that is what they subconscious part of their brains that controls their attraction thinks. This was true for most of human and pre-human existence.

  • That's what dating is, you go out with multiple women, and thin out the herd, and eventually you will find one that isn't shallow.

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