Any way I can make this better?

He's been ignoring me for the past week! I think I may be texting him to much or something and I'm annoying him...I usually text him everyday. So I was thinking of trying to contact him one more time tonight, then let him be until next week or something like that.


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  • If you guys are broken up. Don't text him ever again. STOP THIS INSTANT.

    If you shoot one more text to him, your done for good.

    if you guys are in a fight, and he isn't responding to you just to make you feel bad, or he's acting like you don't exsist. Then he's a douche.

    Just don't text him. Make him think you moved on.

    • We're neither broken up or in a fight.

      I just really like him...

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    • I wish we were a couple :/

    • So your just dating? K so stop texting him. Normally when your "dating" someone, its the other way around, aka the guy is always texting you to chill/hang. Clearly he's not that interested. Stop texting him, and just forget him, if he contacts you in the future, then you can get back on this "path of interest". But for now you must stop texting him.

  • it seems to me that if a person isn't contating you even to say "you're contacting me too much" they don't care enough.

    there must be other reasons a person chooses to ignore someone rather than being due to a person just texting too much.

    • You could be right about that. I just thought ignoring me is his way of letting me know I'm annoying him.

      So let me ask you this

      I texted him this morning...good morning and I hope he has a good day and he didn't reply to that. Should I try to talk to him tonight?

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    • So I ended up texting him and...nothing ; (

    • just leave it be. if he wants you he needs to take some action.

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