Boys? kissing? boyfriends?

I have never kissed a guy and all of high school I haven't had a boyfriend and I will be a senior next year.

I have 2 questions

1. Guys, what do you think when you think that I have never had a bf? do you think that's lame?

2. Guys, do you think I should really save my first kiss for someone that should get it or do you think I should kiss anyone I can?


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  • saving a kiss is kinda a waste once you are in highschool, kisses don't mean much I've kissed my female friends its a fun and flirty thing. you might want to save sex for somone you realy like. anyway a good guy won't care some might even want you more because your a virgin. don't go around kissing every guy tho, slutty girls are not respected by men

    im not gona like a girl that's never had a boyfriend or kiss maybe kinda a turn on not only because she's a virgin but it makes her very mysterious and seems harder to get personally if I knew you I would be intriuguied and try to be your first boyfriend that's something that I would like because its special too you everyone wil lremeber their first bf, kiss, sex...

    • Yea I know its sorta a waits but the thing is I'm not out there trying to kiss someone. if the opportunite comes up I would.....well one guy did want to buti really don't like him so he doesn't get it lol...thanks though

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  • 1. I will treat you as an individual who has the right to choose when and what kind of boyfriend you want.

    2. I can't think of anyone (boy or girl) who would choose to kiss anyone in an intimate sense, without discrimination and discernment, unless s/he is a prostitute or under the influence of drugs.

    That being said, don't look at yourself through other people's eyes, or else your happiness will vaporize easily.

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    • :) your sweet

    • Thanks. :)

  • When you say you haven't had a boyfriend before, personally, I wouldn't mind. For all I know, you are focusing on school, sports, a job, or something and just don't want one at the time. Save your kiss for someone who makes you feel wonderful, that you love. If it takes another couple years to find someone like that, its not a big deal, its just fine. But don't give just anyone a kiss if you don't mean it; if you're just doing it to do it.

    • Thanks :) I didn't think any guy would say that!

    • Yeah, no problem! If you have any other questions, please ask

    • I will thanks =]

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  • The point of a boyfriend is to try and find a husband.

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