Why do guys texts girls every day then randomly stop?

I'm dating this guy and before we went out he texted me all the time. Now that we're together and I fell for him we don't even talk for at least an hour! I don't know what to do, please help me understand this

OK now I told him how I felt and we talk more but how do I get him to open up


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  • When you first had a crush on him, and him I'm you, you were excited to talk to him and ask questions and stuff like that. Now that you have gotten togeher, you already know a lot about him so there insanity much to talk about, also, it's easier to text someone because you aren't saying it directly to them. Typically, deeper conversations are the ones that will last longer now, or getting a little flirty to make it more interesting. Just know this:us guys love when our girlfriends want to talk to us, so no matter what, if you can get him started he'll keep it going, and sometimes just having you in his arms without words says a lot and means a lot. Also, there is a bit of good in leaving some things mysterious about each other, allows for future conversations. Hope it helps.


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  • It depends. I have this issue online a lot. Girls do it to guys too. I can tell you from experience. Thing is, we'll never know.

  • Maybe he is busy and swamped with responsibilities and is hoping you are capable of understanding so it won't lead into a big issue?

    • You're making it sound like I'm clingy, I know he has responsibilities that's why I wait until I know he's not doing anything to text him!

    • I'm not trying to insinuate anything, just saying its a possibility, this happens to me and a lot of guys, we get absorbed in things till something/someone pops up.

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