Is he not interested anymore?

I went on a first date with a guy a couple of weeks ago and he contacted me 3 days later saying he had a good time and would like to do it again and I agreed and I had to do something the following week and couldn't keep in contact but he said he would contact me after the week, but he didn't contact for two weeks after and when he did he initiated a second date, but said he was going to be busy for a while but will contact me when He's free, I got in contact the following week letting him no something and we text for a bit then he stopped that was nearly a week ago now and still nothing! I don't no if He's not interested and trying to let me down easy and is not interested or is interested but is busy?


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  • He could be busy. But, given your age, I'd say that he thought you were playing hard to get when you told him that you couldn't keep in contact, so he's playing it back.

    • thanks for your answer ! the thing that I had to do and couldn't keep in contact for the week, he new about it even before our first date so he was aware of it in advance (:

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  • Well, I honestly that he has someone already. I don't think that he has lost interest because he is still contacting. Once when he stops for good and you're the only one contacting, then it's officially over on his part... If I were you, I would ask him, what's up? Why is he disappearing for weeks at a time and if there is someone else..? The proceed to say that you're just curious...ya know.. In the meantime, continue to live your life, stay busy, and date someone else because you don't want to waste your time, right?

    • TYPO: " I honestly think*

      TYPO: "Then* proceed to say...

    • no he's not with anyone else (: ! I have never been the first to start a text with him until last week, so I'm going to wait till he gets in contact with me again and if not ill just forget about him (: .Thanks for you answer!.

    • Okay, you're welcome. Keep us updated.