Why would this guy act this way towards me?

I was on this dating site just for the hell of it but I some how end up chatting with guy on there and he ask me for a picture because I didn't have a picture on my profile. Well anyways, after we traded pic he wrote me saying I was beautiful. I wrote him but he never write back. It has been four days since we exchange picture. I mean I don't think I'm beautiful but I think I'm a decent girl. what's wrong?


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  • It's pretty hard to read into a failure to hear back from someone on a dating site. It's possible that it's related to the picture exchange but it could also be a coincidence. He may have met someone he is particularly intrigued by. Perhaps something came up. This is one of the disadvantages of such sites: if someone disappears or otherwise has a negative reaction, you have no easy way to find out what happened.


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