Should I leave him alone for a few days or for good?

I thought I had something good going with someone until he started ignoring me :/ he didn't text back last night, so I texted him good morning cause we usually do that and he didn't text back, so earlier I texted him what's up, and nothing! This is odd for him cause he usually texts back.

I was thinking of going a few days with no contact to see what happens.


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  • Is this the first time this has happened? If so, you're being insane.

    • He's been acting strange all week! But it's like the second time he's just flat out ignored me. I just feel like he isn't gonna talk to me again! I'm really insecure when it comes to this kind of thing if you can't tell.

      Maybe I am being a little insane. this always happens to me though I like a guy, we talk for a little bit, then he goes bye bye :/

      Felt good to vent to someone even if you're a complete stranger

    • I understand. I'd just give it a week or so and if he completely falls of the grid then leave him alone and find someone new.

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  • i would just leave it

  • Give it about a week before doing anything. If still no response, then simply say I bavent heard back, check in and see what is up. Don't get uoset until you get the story. You would feel bad if you got in a frenzy and maybe he was in an accident. Dint do anything rash until you get his side of the story. don't ever assume.

    • Well I can eliminate the accident part cause he's on his Facebook ATM ;(

      I try not to assume anything or get upset but it's so hard sometimes. I just really hope this space I'm giving him will make it better cause I like him a lot probably more than he likes me.

    • Keep yourself busy and do not txt. ball is in his court to respond. Depending on how recent you started dating him, you need to be yourself. As soon as you start to wonder why he is not replying, you are not staying true to yourself. Just do your thing. Real men are attracted to a woman who is fun, hapoy, and has self esteem and comfortable being themselves. Good luck. Don't look at what he is doing, go enjoy your life instead of wasting time checking up on him.

    • Thank you!

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