If you could date anyone?

do you think people go after others that they think they are in the same standards rather than a person they really desire.

say you could date anyone you wanted in the world would you still be with the person you are with? if you are single would you still be trying to get with same kind of.people or would.your standards be higher?

and if you could get anyone what kind of person would that be?

im takikng about physically, personality, economically and education.

be honest.


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  • I'm young, but I know what I want already is a girl:


    -Fun to be around

    -Gives me my space

    -Brunette (sorry, I just really like brunettes)

    -Doesn't rely on me for anything except love and friendship and the occasional job or two

    -Someone who loves me for me

    -Someone I can relate to

    -Someone I can introduce new things to

    -Someone who will introduce me to new things

    -Doesn't get upset by every tiny thing

    -Is up for adventures

    -Willing to try new things

    -Someone I can be 100% myself around

    -At least as attractive as me, or higher

    -Can't be fat (sorry, just not for me)

    -Can't be thin as a stick

    -Has to be able to pay for their own things


    That's basically it. Might seem picky, but this is how most people in the world should act IMO.

    • so if you could date any one you wanted because you were extremely rich, smart and handsomeyou would atill.wang rhw same girl? I hopw I.make sense

    • Yeah. I found what kind of a girl I want, and it's not going to change. I'm gonna marry a girl someday who is this.

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  • I usually go for the most attractive and nicest girl I see, I don't know if that is my standard or not though. I never really thought about it.


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  • my guy of 8 years

    I made a prayer in middle school, years later I realized he was the man I described to God, I need no1 else I have a keeper.

    • thats is so cute! I wish that happen to me I have been praying for years and I always describe him the same and nothing. I actually get the opposite of what I want. I still have hope and will keep praying.

    • He didn't come into my life until I forgot about him and one day we were talking, and things got quiet and I realized who he was.

  • i have an idea of whom I would date but I don't care about just dating somebody that doesn't fit my idea of the perfect person just to see how it goes