Is it just physical for him?

I met this guy about a month ago in grad school. we have been talking non stop since and really hit it off. We've been on a few dates...dinner, movies, bowling, brunch, etc. He's never made a move on any of the dates, he was a perfect gentleman.

He shows genuine interest in my life and we talk and share about our lives, past, how our day went, and a lot of other stuff.

The other day, he was trying to teach me to play poker, during the last game we kept stakes and he said I would have to do what he says if I lost and vice-versa. I ended up losing and he said he'll let it go this time since it was my first time playing.

After I left, he texted me and said he had an idea of what we could have done if I hadn't left...I had a feeling he was hinting towards sex but I didn't push it and he didn't bring it up again.

The same thing happened a few days later, but this time when he said he had another idea, I told him to tell me what it was. He said he wanted to hug and kiss me, that he had the feeling last time but this time was stronger. He didn't force himself on me because he didn't know how I felt.

We met the next day and we hugged, then kissed, and slowly turned into more. Although we didn't technically have sex, he did get to 2nd base and there was a lot of grinding. We talked after, but I just don't know if it is purely physical for him or does he genuinely like me. Is that why he didn't pressure me and was hesitant. Please help...I like him, but I'm pretty sure I am over thinking the entire situation


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  • I think many guys now seem to expect to have sex early in a relationship, I mean not pressing could be one of two things... Either he genuinely respects you and will respect your decision to hold off, or he accept it because he believes there's a chance he will eventually have sex with you (if that's all his goal is). I'd just say, if you're not ready to have sex or are at all unsure... just hold off until you're ready/it feels right/or the guy either proves his worth or shows his true colors. You don't have to have sex purely because he's showing interest and going down that avenue. I mean from what you said he has tried some moves on you on two separate occasions, I think sometimes that generally points towards sex as being his goal. I mean I talk openly about sex in a dating/relationship scenario... but it's general, it's not always I want to do this to you, I want to do that... It's more like an open forum of Q & A.


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  • i don't think it's just sexual