Where have you met all your BFs/GFs? And how often do you date outside of your relationships?

Where did you meet all of your long term relationships? and what about dating in between? how often do you go on dates? I have never experienced any of this stuff or even really know any people at all. how long did your relationships last and why did it stop? also state how. what did you do to get him/her

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Met one guy at band camp freshman year of high school. We dated for nine months before he went absolutely batsh*t crazy and tried to strangle me.

    Met the current guy on vacation. I more or less crashed into him in the water while swimming. The waves there are like 8 ft high and I got bowled over, tumbled around a bit and ended up with my hips over one of his shoulders, my legs behind him and the rest of me in front. Suffice to say it was very awkward. We hit it off immediately though (you can't NOT be friends with someone once that happens). The poor guy was minding his own business when out of nowhere he is wearing a girl as a sash lol.

    We had a thing for four years and then I finally got up the nerve to ask him on a real date and he said yes and we've been together for two years now. This relationship hasn't stopped yet and to be honest, it might not ever.

    I have been single for a grand total of ten days since I turned 16 (if you want to count my "thing" with my current guy as being taken) and during that time I didn't do much dating :p I more or less did school work and minded my own business :)


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What Girls Said 2

  • He added me on Facebook 4.5 years ago. Didn't know him, had one mutual friend. Wasn't interested in him but we chatted nevertheless.

    After a couple days chatting on MSN, one afternoon I told him I had to go as I had a hairdresser appointment.

    He said "Where?" - he'd been wanting to meet up and I wasn't keen. I said "None of your business" and then logged offline.

    He knew the area I lived in so he drove the hour to my area and went around to hairdressers until he found me.

    We started dating a week later and we're still together.

  • I met one ex in lower school (we actually met in 'kindergarten' but we did not date then), two at University, one at running club, one at a book store :)


What Guys Said 2

  • I've meet girls at all kinds of different places , like college , jobs , bars/clubs , anywhere there is girls I've meet girls there but some places are better than others to meet them .

    recently meeting more girls at pubs or bars where I can actually talk to them , not meeting many at nightclubs as much but often run into the girls I meet night before at pub

  • No girlfriends and I find someone who is willing to try dating for a day or two about every 5-10 years

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