So girls, if you always initiate conversations with a guy but when texting, you take forever to reply?

Or sometimes do not reply at all, are you saying you don't wan to tal to him at all? She gives me a hard time if I don't talk to her, tells me I'm hiding from her and things like that and she is always enthusiastic and happy to see me but when I text her, I get one word answers and a "i don't want to reply, but I do anyway" vibe.

Should I just stop talking to her altogether even if she initiates?


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  • it sounds to me like she just has a super hectic life. I know it sucks but some people are just not good at texting at all! I know I forget to reply to people sometimes! But I wouldn't give up on her because you say in person she's enthusiastic and happy and the fact she says you're hiding when you don't talk to her shows she does notice when you don't reply therefore must care for you. Just try not to get too frustrated. Try calling more than texting, some people are honestly just terrible at it. Good Luck :)


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