His texting slowed down. Losing interest?

I met a guy for our first date last week and it went really well. At the end of the night he gave me a kiss (which I thought was a little fast for a first date). He texted me right away when we departed. He initiated a LOT of texts the following day from morning to night. The day after we were still texting a lot and I asked to meet that night. So we technically had our 2nd date and it was really sweet. We kissed in the park like high schoolers (we're in our twenties). The next day he initiated text really excited about the night before and sent me a song relating to our date. However, the following day he didn't text at all? By night, I caved and initiated text where he was REALLY excited to hear from me and we talked until bed-time. However, the rest of the week, it started to be me initiating text and carrying the conversations. At one point, he said that he's been craving nicotine since he quit cigarettes about 6 months ago and still wants them, so there was the past 2 days where he seemed less excited in his messages.

When I do initiate text (as of the past 2 days), he would respond almost immediately each time. We did coordinate to have a date tonight and he sounds happy about it. I'm sure I'm just being a girl and over thinking this, but I can't help but question if there's slowing down in the interest department or is it that the initial excitement is over and we established we like each other?


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  • I wouldn't call it being a girl. I do the exact same thing for the first few dates if I really like someone. My advice would be to just have a good time on the date. If you're having a good time he probably will too and that's the important thing early on.

    • Do the same thing as the guy or be concerned like me? LOL

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    • Lol why are you a wreck until date three? Not sure if he was a wreck, but he was extremely excitable the first few days after our first and 2nd date (which was this past Friday and Sunday) and then starting Tuesday this week, he kind of went to an extreme slow. Should I assume it's because we established we like each other, so there's no need to continue texting at that rate?

    • I'm not sure. I'm fine during dates but then I get anxious in the space between and start over analyzing everything. Anyway, maybe he's calmed down a bit, maybe he's running out of conversation starters, maybe he got some advice from a friend that he shouldn't text you so much (it's pretty standard guy logic), maybe he's getting self conscious about initiating all of the texts and wants to see if you'll text him. Could be any number of things.

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  • People find that they don't have to try so hard when they get into a relationship with someone. They're really good in the beginning, but things die down. However, this guy seems to be interested, he's just busy and he even had a reason for why he was appearing less interested in his messages! I think you're over thinking a lot. Just relax and enjoy things. :)

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