Why doesn't he just break it off with me? He seems too busy to date me?

Have been dating 4 months. He calls me EVERYDAY but, I assume he is busy, sees me one day on the weekend, we will go out at night then spend all night together talking.

And he always seems so busy when he does call me. It makes me feel guilty that he feels he needs to call me all the time- I never have complained.

He'll say, I just got in from work, I have all this stuff to do

or I just got in and I have all these people to call.

Just seems so busy - does it sound like he feels obligated to call me?


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  • Thats simple, he calls you every day because he is busy and tries to show you at the same time he hasn't forgottan you, wants you, and dosnt want you to lose intrest in him. So he dosnt want to make you feel like he is neglecting you but simply dosnt have the time and can't do anything about it, but still try to make you feel cared for and that he thinks about u.

    • thanks for a great answer, that's what I was thinking as well, but it makes me feel bad, I have never said anything to him. I don't see why he wants to date when he is too busy, I guess I just don't understand men- but will keep trying :)

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