Safe to say it's a bad sign and he's not interested anymore?

This guy and I have gone on 3 dates. The last one was on Saturday. He seemed kinda distant when we first got there. Kept walking ahead of me, etc. By the end he seemed very interested. When he dropped me off, I asked when I could see him next and he said Monday. I spoke to him a bit on Saturday, and a bit on Monday. I haven't heard from him since and it's Friday. He usually would have called or texted throughout the week, During the date I wasn't in the best mood at the start, but I had let him know I wasn't feeling very well. What should I do? I don't mind calling him to see what's up, but if he's not interested I'd rather just drop it.


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  • How did dates one and 2 go? What did you do? And have you hooked up?

    • First one we went for dinner and walk, it went well. Second time we just hung out at my house. We haven't done more than make out.

    • Got it. And did you make out on all dates or just certain ones?

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