Does the media exaggerate sexism against women?

Reading articles like the recent one on NYtimes about sexism at Harvard biz school make me think B.S. Let's get this straight a guy won't date a girl because she raises her hand too much in class?!?!? I would be willing to bet that the majority of people complaining about this wouldn't be able to get a date anyways or they have a background in a more traditional culture (i.e. I knew a Japanese guy that was incredibly sexist and only wanted to date quiet submissive women)

Here are some other myths the media puts out that I don't buy:

1. Women that earn lots of money can't get dates because they intimidate men; None of my male friends care about this and I know lots of guys that date girls smarter than them and much more ambitious.

2. If I lift weights at the gym I'll never get a boyfriend because I'll look like a guy; I know lots of women that lift weights, including some that lift pretty heavy weights. None of them had trouble dating. They all either had BFs or guys were flirting with them just like other girls. Also, none of my guy friends thought their weight lifting was weird.

3. If I have sex too soon or with too many guys I'll be seen as as a slut; Again, this has never caused a problem with any of my female friends. I've known girls that have friends with benefits and they have no dating issues. I've never met a guy (except the sexist Japanese guy I knew) that cares about this as long as the girl isn't manipulative about it (i.e. using sex to get something)

4. The pay gap; First of all, I DO BELIEVE the pay gap exists but its greatly exaggerate. I think in certain industries (i.e. construction, stock trading) it exists but a lot of it is because women choose jobs that generally pay less because of supply and demand. I know some women in engineering and none of them complain about the pay gap but their just aren't that many female engineers.However, the women get paid the usually high salaries just like the men.


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  • It's a combination of the media and young, impressionable girls who are oh so desperate to fit in with a group that they label themselves feminists.

    Most girls my age have absolutely NO understanding of feminism or what it means to be a feminist. Looking up a definition in the dictionary does not mean you have the full understanding.

    Also, sitting around and ranting about the imaginary oppression women in America face does not make you a feminist.

    Yes, the pay gap exists. However, you also have to take into consideration that women often choose different career paths or they don't have the same experience as their male counterparts.

    It's not only the education that counts; it's also the passion and previous hands on experience from volunteering, extra courses or any camps attended in whatever career path.

    As for 3, I am against labeling girls as sluts, just because it's rather immature. And I notice that girls who label other girls sluts do so because they feel threatened. That said, there are consequences to every action whether male or female. If a guy cries in public then he's seen as a punk bitch.

    So, girls can sleep around. Just understand that if you're sloppy about it, people will judge.

    2 sounds like bullsh*t. I lift weights and have a bf.

    Women who complain that they can't get dates because of their intelligence are the women who are condescending and belittling and make it known that they don't need a man. Both men and women want to feel appreciated, needed and desired/wanted. If you make a man feel like he's an accessory, yeah, he'll be put off.

    And why do they feel the need to proclaim how intelligent they are? It's like a certain segment of the population that fits into this category. They're typically smart asses who correct everything a person says and that gets annoying.

    So yes, the media as well as young, naive, ignorant girls exaggerate sexism against women.


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  • Sexism does exist in all of those cases. There are plenty of men that really do avoid women for all of those reasons. But however I believe that people need to stop whining about it. I constantly answer questions in class and am strong and slutted it up and work in construction and constantly get judged for it but you what, I do not under any circumstances give a damn if a guy will be offended by it. If I want to do something I'm going to do it no matter what anyone says or thinks. I get harassed for being me because I'm not a "lady" but I also don't want someone that doesn't want me for me. I've had plenty of boyfriends that don't give a damn about it and had like one that didn't and I let out a loud as belch and told him to go F#$% himself

  • I agree with all three of them except for the pay gap and I think woman do get seen as sluts but not among young people - it's usually older woman that judge girls for being slutty. The young ones don't care.

    The pay gap exists but I think there are some things that men are better at then woman and some things that woman are better at then men.

    Like in nursing school there are far more woman than men, same with baby sitters and child and youth workers.

    With things like stock trading or neuroscience there are far more men than woman.

  • That's not exaggeration. That's the truth.


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  • Yes, of course.

    The pay gap doesn't exist. It doesn't take in account for hours worked, type of job, age of employees, or years and experienced worked.

    If you took our generation and divided salary per position with even hours worked then women make an average of 10% more. This country is screwed, if your smart you'll jump ship with a giant middle finger to the selfish women.

    There are never any feminists when the lifeboats come out.

  • the media exaggerates EVERYTHING about women, whether it's her looks, feminism, and even, like with this thing here in cleveland (where I live) the 3 girls that were found alive but in serious health conditions from being raped by Ariel Castro, that was a local thing, and they made it national.

    If it's about women, it's going to be exaggerated

    • Just like suicide. Every time I turn on the news I see how some young white girl was "forced" into suicide. Hilarious how men make up 90% of suicides. A man lit himself on fire in front of the family courts because his children were ripped away. Feminists lobbied for his story for removal from news agencies and Wikipidia claiming it wasn't historically worthy... they won.

    • Exactly

  • Yes all the time. Every girl I know makes just as much or even more money than the guys I know and its always been like that my whole life. None of the females in my family or female friends I knew growing up never made less than any guy I knew . I also see more guys unemployed than I see women despite the media saying otherwise.

  • I believe it is under reported just like racist discrimination. Things are changing for the better with women but maybe not for minorities.

    • Underreported? Almost every article in the news centers around race. Perhaps if people would stop playing the race card and focus on themselves(as individuals) race wouldn't be such an issue. And this goes for all races..

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    • Ughh cleat self-hate and mental problems here hmm go away?

  • 1. These women think having more money and a better job entitles them to a more successful man. Truth is these things don't normally attract a successful men. Successful men, don't need a woman's money so these men go for looks, and personality. Things like education and career might by nice, but they are not as important to a successful guy with plenty of money already.

    There are plenty of guys that would be open to dating a successful woman, but these tend to be unsuccessful guys. These women just refuse to accept that they just are not good enough to get the kind of guy they want.

    2. This is caused by ignorance, of how the female body builds muscle and ignorance of the body type that men actually want. Most women want to be skinnier and have less muscle than most guys actually prefer.

    3. Somewhat true. Odds are someone that has slept with over 100 people isn't exactly boyfriend or girlfriend material. Typically the guys that care, don't sleep around either so it isn't a double standard in most cases. Women are likely to call another woman that sleeps around a slut, but most guys don't think this makes a woman a bad person.

    4. The pay gap is nonsense. Women are more likely to have a degree, but it is in some nonsense degree like liberal arts. Where as a man is more likely to have a math or science degree, which has been proven to be more valuable in the workplace.

    Men were told they need to support a family so they pick higher paying careers. Women were told to follow there dreams and our dreams don't always pay as much. If women want to give up on their dreams and only go after money, then they can make more money as well.

    Men also take on more dangerous jobs that will pay more. If the man and woman is doing the same job, with the same qualifications, and has worked there for the same length of time, there is no pay gap.

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