Should I make a move or wait?

I met this guy who lives in the next city away 5 months ago and we've been texting back and forth almost every day since. We've hung out 6 times, 5 of those with other people, but we always end up off by ourselves. He's never made a move, but every time we hang out he seems to get a slight bit more flirty. He also texts me goodnight every night. Other than trying to read the subtext of his messages and how he acts when we meet up, I'm really unsure of how he feels. I think there's some feelings there but he's German and a bit hard to read. Should I make a move or bring up the "is this becoming more than friendship" topic, or just wait it out?


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  • Snce you are far enougth epart s that yu don't see eadh other veyr often, you ought to openly talk about your friendship with him. If you want to have more than friendship, you have to find a way to see each other more often, for one thing.

    And since you aren';t sure about his feelings, you have to ask him directly. I would say that if he hasn';t been more than 'flirty' after meeting up 6 times,he's either not that interested, or he's shy-inhibited.

  • Either make a move, or point the guy to some man-o-sphere sites where he will have explained to him just what a fool he is being.


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