I misread my boyfriend's message...Is he mad?

I was texting with my boyfriend. I first texted him about how my old laptop just broke down suddenly, we went on talking about it for a bit. I said sth about how I didn't expect a laptop to go out like that and how I should back up the stuff in the other one that I usually use. then he sent me "had an interesting day." and "yea all your stupid videos" at the same time. I was a bit confused. So I ignored the "had an interesting day" and just replied with "they are not stupid." then talk about another thing I found interesting about my day. a few min later I sent him "So how was your day" He then replied me "oh wow you asked I thought we are just talking about you." I was like "...so how was your day?"

But then he didn't reply, I then realized his "had an interesting day" was about him and I felt so stupid. so I texted him "I really am interested in knowing about your day" ...and no reply.

I really did misread his message, didn't mean to just keep talking about my day. Could he be mad about it? :/


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  • what did you read it as though?

    did he reply yet now its been 15 hours? :O