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Ivebeen with my boyfriend for 3 years...I love him to absolute death and he is my best friend in the world... We have the best time together but recently we've been arguing so much sometimes every day ... Sometimes it gets to the point where I feel I've had enough and want to break up with him but then it hits me how much I love him and can't live without him... Then we will kiss cuddle and apologize to each other until we're red in the face but then it will just happen all over again... When its good its literally the best relationship ever but it's so hard all I ever seem to do is cry.


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  • I was in the same exact situation, except it was not a 3 year situation, it was a 6 year relationship. Me and her would eventually find out that kissing and making love was not enough to hold us together because we had no common interests besides sex. She was a polor opposite bitch who loved to argue and I'm a selfish brat that didn't care about anything. But... It took us 6 years to realize that wee were not meant for each other. Ask your significant other what are his expectations in life, favorite movie, favorite TV show, and hobbies. Se how well you really know him, then make a move.

    • It's not really like that... We have so much in common and mostly it is perfect... To be honest the main cause of arguments is me and my trust issues which I just can't seem to shake and it upsets him so much x

    • See, you hid that from us. That's important detail. If you can't trust someone, your eather paranoid because you were betrayed in the past from friends ex boyfriends or family, or you have cold hard evidence that he's actually doing something. Most likly your being paranoid. Get off his case, if he's not cheating on you try to be supported of him.

    • Yes he's never given me a solid reason not to trust him... I know I need to lay off him but I find it so hard !

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