Why did he get weird? Online dating?

I am mostly online to meet new friends in a new city I moved to since I am bored. Not looking to find a boyfriend.. Anyway.

I was talking to this guy online last night. I sent him two pictures and he said I was "hot." We chatted a little more then he gave me a his number. I texted him later on that night and he told me he was going to bed soon and that we should meet up for a jog. He is very into fitness. I am naturally thin, my mom was about 115lbs after her fifth kid so I'm not a fatty by any means.

Any way I said lets go for coffee first and get to know each other. He asked to see another pic. I sent him one, which was of my chest and above, same as the other pics. He said he didn't get it .. I said I sent it and he said OK, good night. I said are you sure? I sent it and I'm looking right at it and he said he didn't get it. I sent another one and he said "ok. Thanks :) Night!"

I wasn't sure if that was a good reaction or not. I asked him if he that was a good reaction or not and that I was confused. He said 'I'm sleeping.lol' I said but did you get it?

and he said yes hun. I'm tired!

I am really confused and a little hurt. I am very attractive and look the exact same as the other pictures. Every guy I have met online has told me I look better in person than in my pics. That pic was the same as the others, as in it was a selfie. I am in no way ugly, and this guy was not perfect, not even close. In fact I am way out of HIS league.

Was it a bad picture of me and he lost interest perhaps? I am really crushed about this and am obsessing over it. I'm so offending I want to write him a nasty text message but I know that is immature and won't solve anything. What do you think it could be?

He just became aloof after the picture, first denying getting it then just saying goodnight and not bothering to carry on with plans. I don't know if its because he was tired and needed to sleep or because he lost interest after the picture. I'm sure taking another minute to make plans or agree to plans wouldn't deprive him of any sleep...
@freefall7: But he found me attractive for the first two pictures. Please read before answering, thanks.


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  • Personally, I don't like "dating" girls who are not looking for a relationship online. But if they want to meet, whatever, that's cool.

    Now honestly, this guy sounds ridiculously into appearance when it comes to girls and I wouldn't meet him if I was you. If he keeps asking for a photo, it sounds like he didn't like the initial one and is looking to see if he can get a better angle or something else. It's silly really. I think he is one of those guys that wants a 10 in the appearance dept. and nothing less. Don't waste your time with him.

    I honestly never reply to a girl online if I cannot make certain 100% that I would be willing to meet her based of the profile itself. So if appearance is an issue and I can't tell from the initial photos she put up online that I would want to meet her, I just don't reply. So this rules out all the phony girls online who strictly put up face only photos to hide their weight as I just assume they're overweight and skip over them.


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  • Idk,I would move on from him if he's going to treat you this way. For all you know he may have given up due to being intimidated by you.


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  • i am online dating as well. I have two pictures that's all I will give out. as those are recent and show my true self. anyone want more they are not serious. anyone who have met me said I look better in person their eyes lit up when they meet me and can't stop smiling...its funny lol

    besides that, you are too focused on sending him pict. and if he is getting it. it really isn't that important if he get the pict. or not. you did your job. if he didn't get it then forget it. he has seen you in other pictures.

    just say good night and meet up for coffee...if he is not going to meet then no pt. sending 100 pict. waste of time.

    good luck and have fun. lots of losers online dating

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