For those of you who use online dating sites.

I'm just curious on average how many girls you get to view your profile or send you an email daily - and be honest if its zero state that. It just seems like online dating is awesome for girls but very very poor for guys (especially if your not 100% stud material)

and girls, on average how many guys view you on a daily basis and send you emails?


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  • I tend to have the best luck on the sites that choose matches for you, such as Chemistry and eHarmony. (I prefer sites that keep the number of matches manageable.) I know people who have done well with free sites, such as PoF, OKCupid, etc., and I know people who met on Bottom line, you have to try a bunch of different things and go with works best for you.

    When I was on eHarmony, it took me about 3-4 weeks to start meeting women. Once I did, I was sometimes meeting up to five women a week. Of those, I would end up going on dates with 1-2 of them per month, on average. There were a bunch of women who were incompatible with me, but that was okay; I was going for quality, not quantity. For me, it was a good experience overall... expensive, though.


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  • i get a lot viewers and want to meet me and a few favorite me. I get maybe 10 messages weekly, most I m not attract to. I spent more time selecting messages. most guys seem to have some kind of issues. last one told me he cheated on his girlfriend and slept with his two buddies girlfriend ... told me on second.

    i have kids so most guys don't want that.


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  • I get around 2-3 a month that are from a woman initiating. I workout a lot so my body type is not an issue and I am employed so I don't have the "jobless bum" issues like a lot of guys have.

    Women I have talked to can get anywhere from 30-50 emails a day if they look really good(or use misleading photos).

    I used to message a lot of girls and honestly, most that reply are too scared to actually date and give the "I met a psychopath" story which leaves me confused wondering "Why is she online if she doesn't have the common sense to meet in public safely?"

    I have met all types of girls over the years from online dating. Most of them are not in a position to date at all and a lot of the girls are just as much liars as the guys are. I've caught girls messaging me and I've found out they are engaged or married looking to hook up behind their S/O's backs. Guys have just as much issues to watch out for just like girls.

    If you do find someone you're interested in, limit your messages to 5 and if she can't give you her number or agree to meet you, drop her and move on to the next profile. If you do get her number, get more numbers. She can flake on you just like many others do. If she states in her profile to "not play games" with her, she's the one who will play games with you.