Should I confront him?

To keep it short, a few weeks ago I started dating this guy and we hit it off really well. He told me how amazing I was and how much he liked me and that he could even already see himself with me in the future. However, things got a little too heavy and we ended up having sex almost a week ago. Immediately afterward he seemed to become distant from me, and still is acting so. I texted him a few days ago and it took him a day to respond saying that he wasn't ignoring me he was just busy with work and was in a bad mood so he was trying to keep to himself.

Anyway, I texted him again 2 days ago asking how his day went and he still hasn't responded to me. It is now the weekend, he didn't have to go to work today so I don't understand why he won't respond to me now.

Should I send him another text message and ask him what's wrong and why he's become so distant? Or should I give it more time and wait longer? I'm just really worried now that what happened between us ruined our relationship because we both agreed to take it slow at first but it just didn't go that way and I can't take back what happened. :(


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  • I don't want to say that he's using you, because that would be such a cliched thing to say. To be honest I think that since you too "hit it off" so early in the relationship, he might be having second thoughts about you. I don't know why this happens but some guys/gals -to be fair- feel like if you give it up to soon, then that means you will give it up to someone else just as quick . From what I've learned some guys like it when you are hard to get, and the fact that you re available means he doesn't have to work anymore to get you. This happens vice verse as well regarding men and women.

    It isn't you honey, and you didn't do anything wrong. Just give him sometime and don't keep texting him, otherwise it will push him even more away from you. If he was honest about the things that he said, then he will comeback and talk to you. If he doesn't get in touch then it really does mean he was trying trying to get into your pants

    Remember be strong, and whatever happens keep moving forward! :)

  • Did he take your virginity? Its seems to me that all he was after was sex from you yall relationship was better when yall didn't have sex so stop texting him and move on you can't make a person like you. because now by texting him you seem kinda desperate I'm not being rude I'm being honest, and after you stop texting he gonna want some more sex and then text but don't go for it

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