Can he call too much? I feel bad that I feel awkward?

I met this guy on the train and decided to give him my number, I thought why not? Anyways in the past I've had it where guys rarely call/text me or not even at all. I got kind of wary when he texted me a couple times then called me. When I called him we made plans for this week. He called yet again, but when I tried to start a convo w/him over the phone nothing came about. The next day he I called him to be nice, he texted me 3 short messages to call him, so I did we finalized plans. He called me yet again after that, this was kinda strange cause he knows I have a test to study for and we are meeting up in a couple days. I'm flattered that he called, but also wary. Is this a red flag?


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  • maybe texting would be easier for you

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