Should I feel bad about flirting with my friends date?

I was at a party last night, and my friend had a date who she brought as a friend, but I know she kind of likes him. He treated her like a date and danced with her pretty much all night, but every once in a while he'd stop and he and I would go talk in the kitchen or something and be flirty. He gave me his number and his snapchat and even when they were dancing he would sort of look at me and smile or sing at me. I tried to keep my distance, but I kind of liked it. I felt really bad and then my other guy friend said that she and this friend of mine made out that night while her date and I were talking. Should I still feel bad? Or is he technically "fair game"?


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  • Would you want your friends doing this to a guy you liked? If the answer is "No" - you should feel bad. This is, of course, assuming you have the ability to see this situation from a logical point-of-view without trying to rationalize it in your favor.


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