Could a girl show she likes you by refusing you?

Ok, So I really like this girl, somthing about her makes me crazy , I ignore other women now, and see no one else worth my time, we have been friends for awhile now and understand and are comfortable with each other, but my question is she will sleep over with other guy friends innocently, she enjoys to cuddle and she doesn't find it odd to be held by her guy friends, but when I'm over and were watching a movie and lying in bed. she rushes me out before to late. I'm confused I wanna say its because she doesn't like me and try to get myself outa this crave, but I know she cuddles with friends whom I hear about constantly "blah de blah de likes me and tried kissing me but I don't like him please help." I don't get why I'm the only one she won't cuddle with. I wonder if its because she does like me and is afraid to show it, or afraid to get hurt? please help me understand..


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  • I don't understand that. I would not want a women with such an inverted logic. Either she obviously likes you or she obviously dislikes you.

    • Its hard to explain, because I never thought I would like a girl that does things like this but the way she makes me feel I get extremely jealous, and I can't recognize other girls anymore, every other girl I see isn't attractive compared to her, but what I'm getting here is you say there may be a chance that she is acting like this because she does like me in return? its a F'ed up position I know but with this girl its worth to keep my grounding.

    • I understand what you feel I think it's called falling in love head over heels, something like that. But anyways I suggest you get an answer fast or you can expect this emotional trouble to drag on for months. Ask her or her friends at least because you're going to have to endure a lot of hearth ach.

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