Guy wants a date ASAP...and is dropping plans to do it and is expecting me to do same??

I met a guy in a bar and gave him my number, since then he hasn't stopped calling and texting me...and now wants a date this sunday, and is willing to drop plans he made for that day to come on this date...i have told him I need advance notice..and further to this he has asked to stay on my couch if we go out for a drink...bear in mind he is driving 2 hours from where he lives to see me...*this is how I see it and would appreciate some validation and opinion with this* I don't appreciate feeling under pressure to drop everything I'm doing because someone says so, not only that I'm not comfortable with a guy on the first date wanting to sleep on my couch, to me it says he has another agenda?...over to you peeps!

well it happened I told him exactly what I thought of the situation, that it was not on for him to be so bold so soon, was quiet for awhile then I got an apology and an invite for a daytime lunch agenda we will see!


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  • My question for you is: why are you considering this?

    Is his scheduling a date without advance notice not a dealbreaker? Or the insisting that he crash on your couch? Or the obligation/guilt trip for the 2-hour drive? What about *this is how I see it and would appreciate some validation and opinion with this*?

    Any one of those, ANY ONE, would be worth losing his number. But the combination platter?

    Seriously, why?


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  • first I like that palestinian scarf !

    and ya ur feelings about him is right , this guy sounds anoying and fishy , and sleep on your couch ? in ur house already , just tell him your sry and to buck off


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  • Sounds strange to me. He is a little too desperate to see you. I was actually in this same situation. I met some guy at a party and after I left he immediately started texting me. The first thing he sent was, "I saw you dancing with that other guy." So? And the next weekend he was so insistent on going out. My friend was visiting from Colorado and we had plans to go to a party so I told him no over and over. He was so pushy and kept saying he'd dropped his plans for me. So finally I told him he could come to the party. He asked if he could stay at my house, I figured he meant the couch so I said yeah. Then he got pist off when I made him sleep on the couch so my PREGNANT friend could sleep in my bed with me. And it just got worse and worse. I ended up having to change my number. I told him I wasn't interested and he called and text every day, every hour for two weeks!

    If they are pushy and clingy in the beginning, it will only get worse. Tell him to lose your number.

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