Can I text a guy I stopped texting 2 weeks ago?

There was a guy that liked me and we had been texting. I stopped texting him because to be honest I had kind of lost interest. I have changed my mind about him 2 weeks later and I was just wondering if it would be OK for me to text him after 2 weeks or is it too late? If its not too late, what should I say to him?


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  • Just curious,

    But what made you suddenly gain interest in him again?

    If you want to pursue someone, then do so!

    It isn't fair to play ping pong with the whole situation.

    To answer your question,

    No 2 weeks is not too late.

    Sometimes life happens and we get busy.

    Try to catch up with him.

    You can strike up a great conversation with him

    because you both may have a lot to speak about.

    Go for it!


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  • yes

    just tell him so

    say 'no more texting'

    just call me or come over

    end quote


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  • Don't text him BACK. Send out a brand new text that says hi :)

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