Texted me out of the blue after weeks of silence. Should I accept his excuse?

I met this guy not too long ago, and he seemed really interested at first (always texting me good morning, wanting to hang out, pointing out things we had in common), but then he abruptly stopped communicating with me. I figured he just want interested, so I let it go.

Two weeks later, I passed by him while I was walking with my friend somewhere. He was talking to someone as well, but I'm pretty sure be saw me because less than an hour later he texts me asking how I've been.

He claimed to be really busy, but I feel like I wouldn't have heard from him at all had I not spotted him earlier. His excuse was weak, and I'm a direct person so I'm itching to confront his behavior. What should I make of his sudden resurfacing? (Please refrain from assuming anything related to sex. I don't dress provocatively, and we never went nearly that far. I'm pretty sure I gave him the impression that it would be off the table for awhile.)


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  • I wouldn't give him a chance again, but that's just like my opinion, man.


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