Suggestions for flirty texts to a guy?

What are some good flirty or teasing texts to start with to grab a guy's attention? Usually, I start off with "hey, what's up?" or hey, how are you?" but I feel like that can get boring at times.


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  • Teasing ways to start a text? It would depend on your relationship with the person. If you're dating or relatively close to that, and you want to get a little flirty, just go for it. By this point, the two of you have probably done some amount of sexual things together so it won't be weird, and he'll quickly get the gist of what you want.

    If it's more of a crush type thing, and you want to just spark his interest, I have a few small tips that always, always, ALWAYS work on me. The ;) emoticon is actually very effective in teasing and getting my attention. There's a huge difference between "Hey, what's up?" and "Hey ;) what's up?", and you should take every advantage of it.

    There's also the "Hey, can I ask you a personal question?" followed by something somewhat suggestive, because that could get his mind rolling and make him think more of you.

    It's hard to give advice based on so little information, but at the very least, these tips should help somewhat.

    • He's more of a guy I like. So nothing sexual. He's more cutesy with me. Have not met up with him yet. But he sends me a lot of :) and ;). He usually responds all the time when its something flirty. I like the can I ask you a personal question. I'll try that thankss!

    • what would be something suggestive but cute too?

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  • Do not experiment, do not try to be special, do not try to be fancy, do not be corny... when starting a conversation. A simple "hi, how are you doing" is good enough.

    Don't think much about it, it will complicate things. Keep it simple.

  • Save the how are you's for when you sense he's troubled about something.

    Tease him with texts, or even better, voice mail. If he likes you, he'll love hearing it in your voice when you say something sarcastic, but an air of I like you. Seek his help with something. Men like to be looked up to.

    • We both actually ask each other that often. It's like a common thing to just say. Hmm what coudl I ask him for help with? This is a guy I have not actually met up with yet. He's someone I like though so I'm just trying to give him that little extra attention.

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  • "My day would be so much better if you were here."

    "I miss you"

    "Hi cutie/handsome"


    • Thankks! I have called him handsome before. He seems to respond well to that.

  • you could things at the end of sentences that tell him how hot you think he is, Like how are you sexy or handsome.

    Ive also googled this and there are a lot of sites that have good examples

    • Yes I have seen some on google. I usually call him handsome so he seems to like that one.

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