She wants space, so what should I do?

hi, I have been dating a girl for a yearand in the last month we have had some issues.

we split up but we have still been seeing each other regularly and doing the things we used to except kissing and holding hands. we still shared a bed etc.

but recently she said she need some space and I had to leave her alone. this is when I found she was on a dating website. I've tried to give her the space she desires but we share the occasional text message and I'm still friends with her on Facebook. all this happended about a week ago. I'm just wondering what my next move should be. I love this girl and I want her back so much. cheers guys


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  • you should continue to give her space, if she really loves you, she will come around :) continue doing what you are doing by showing her (the days you have together) that you love her and wants to be with her, before you know it she will be all on you again, and if you are sick of her taking space randomly ask her why and what you can do to make it better. :)

    • what about the issue she is on a dating website and is going on there regularly. I reaaly don't want to let her go

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