She thinks I have no feelings for her. Do I have a chance with this girl?

I asked her out through text (mistake #1), didn't get a proper answer but she initiated text convos a few times afterward even though I didn't (weird?) and we would chat for one hour or so about both more serious and simple stuff.

She says she just wants to be friends. I basically told her it's OK I just wanted to see if you were a cool date I've not fallen for you. I think I made it look like I sort of picked her randomly (which is a small lie but hey admitting, throwing flowers & being annoying has never worked for me).

She jokes I should just admit I fancy her.

She tells me she only dates people she really likes and I want to date people I have no feelings for. Do I have a chance with this girl?


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  • Dude, she doesn't think you are genuine. You have to show her that you like her, show her that you feel for her. When you get a chance, one on one and in person, ask her to go for coffee or something that you are comfortable with, and ask her out, IN PERSON.

    Best of luck :)


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