This girl has her "bf" text me to leave her alone, then she randomly shows up where she knows I will be.

So there is this chick who sat right next to me in class, and we hit it off right away. We both dug each other, laughed, flirted, etc. We studied together before tests on campus. She use to text me first a lot after texts like how did the text go, etc. Long story short, she wound up failing the class and dropped it. I offered to help her study, etc...anything she needed. But since she left class I told her how I feel about her and how sexy she is and how I want to take her out on a date, etc. She seemed flattered, and said she has a boyfriend. So I said if you every break up give me a call, etc. She replied sure. Anyway a few days later I got a text fro her apparent boyfriend saying to leave her along, and that my girl is not gonna break up with me or cheat, just forget about her. And at the end of the text it said by the way thanks for compliments about my girl(which makes no sense a guy wouldn't say that) I think she had a female friend text me that...but she does have a boyfriend.

Anyway this was like a week ago and I never replied to her "bf's text" or text or called her. Then randomly today when walking to class(the same class we use to take together) she randomly started walking right near me with this other girl. She knew where I would be. I said hi and asked her if she was trying to get back in class, etc...she said no but acted so nonchalantly about it as if it were a chance encounter. Anyway after class, I texted her later that I wanted to talk to her-and that why don't we meet up on campus sometimes this week to which she later replied "I don't think that is a good idea".

WHat is this girl up to. I am not cocky but I know she likes me and she wanted me to see her today so she could maybe get me calling her or pursuing her again. Since I hadn't been in touch since the weird alleged text from her boyfriend. How should I go about this? I really am crazy about this girl and want her, but am not trying to break up her and her boyfriend at all. Just want to get to know her, and hang out time to time. I love being around her,I can't explain it. Girls why is she doing this? It has to be for more than attention. I know she likes me but feels conflicted. What should I do?


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  • Bro she has a boyfriend. she is confused about life and sneaky. Stay away from this bomb because it will explode.

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