Anyone else finding dating or trying to date is getting really rude?

I heard this on the radio today , it said online dating is becoming really popular but at same time really rude in nature .

i'd take that claim a step further and my experiences with dating or trying to date . I've noticed its getting really rude in nature , girls won't reply to messages even nice ones , spread rumors about guys they reject instead of just telling me politely there not interested , do things in public to make a scene and such .

I just find people aren't polite anymore when dealing with people trying to meet and date them , some girls treat the guys that want to date them like crap , but maybe guys do this to I don't know how girls feel about me on this file . obvivously some of the ones I've tried to date haven't like me in the end


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  • YES! Absolutely...

    Not only will they reject you sans explanation, but they'll besmirch your good name to other bitches and say "Eeew... he asked me out!'... and in the process - the rumors of your "inappropriate behavior" (which according to the bitch, is just you asking her out) will spread to other bitches...

    and I don't buy these girls saying they get these copious amounts "dirty" messages from guys... I GUARANTEE MORE THAN HALF of the messages received are from legitimate guys, but girls will say they're "creeps" just to not come off shallow ;)

    • girls hand out the creepy label rather freely these days , often its for no real reason and guy hasn't done anything worth calling the police over . they could just politely tell the guy there not into him or whatever but instead choose the label him a creep route instead , it makes dating rather miserable

    • Exactly. I overheard 3 different girls ALONE use this term loosely just today!

      GRRRR! I'm so tempted to just scream "CREEP? You wanna see a creep? I'll show you a creep you f***ing twat!" (proceed to choke bitch out lol)