Can a kiss tell it all?

I just want to know because I had feelings for this guy but because of his lifestyle, I wasn't willing to be in a relationship with him. Anyway, even though we spent a lot of time with each other nothing really happened. Finally, I received a kiss from him and it was just a kiss. Nothing that made me feel butterflies or anything. It feel good to be my first kiss ever but it was just a kiss.

Now with that being said, years later and I meet someone else. Mind you in between the years, I haven't talked to anyone. When I received a kiss from this guy, it was like I became so nervous, my heattstarted to pound and it was like I immediately wanted him to take it all. Though I didn't let him. Lol

So what I want to know is if a kiss can tell it all? If that makes any sense?


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  • Just a glance can sometimes tell it all. A kiss means you are inviting someone to 'take it all.'


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