Break up to date to Homecoming? Does he not get it?

I broke up with my boyfriend of a year and a half because it was going absolutely nowhere. About four weeks into the summer aft we broke up he asked me out again but only for one date. I felt absolutely awful because I still liked him but not nearly enough to be exclusive again so I said that one date might be okay after I came back from my trip (I lived in Europe for the rest of the summer, and in the fall we knew that we would be starting at bother/sister schools.) He seemed thrilled and almost immediately turned around to tell several of our friends that we were "official" again. I was so angry and sent him a text to correct him just incase he seriously misunderstood. Later in the fall at a football game he called me several times trying to meet up at a particular end of the field. Once we finally meet he asked to go all the way to the fart corner with him and some of his douche bag friends. (Who I already knew) I didn't want to give him the idea I still was interested so I said no and let promptly he saw me once more that night and I have to admit that I was pretty rude to him, (enough that any idiot would get the message.)Later in the week he asked me to homecoming very indirectly, and over text as well. I turned him down again with just a touch of rudeness. I was talking with another boy from his school (whom I did not know had any connection) and he mentioned that I was "Ian's girl" (Ian is my ex's name) I was very mad at this. I don't want my name connected with his at the new school at all and don't know what to do or why he keeps doing this. Help please!?

*Far corner


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  • Sounds like you need to go NC on him. Block his messages, texts, calls, all social media.


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  • You're doing exactly what you need to do already. He's being a d***, but we can't help with that. Just carry on doing what you're doing, and talk to your friends about how frustrated he's making you and what a douchenozzle he is being.


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  • You're kind of feeding it. By agreeing to meet up, saying you might date him again, etc is giving the poor guy hope. Just cut all ties. It may be hard but if you want him to move on it's for the best. Just tell him that at this point you can't even be friends because he'll once again twist your words and make it into something more than it is. Cut all contact until he's gotten the message.

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