Got the girl's number on okcupid....Should I still be messaging her online?

I got this girl's number, and we texted back and forth a lot that day.

Should I still message her online or strictly through text/calling her up?

We had a great first night of texting, a lot of back and forth banter. Do I still use the same dating protocol as I would meeting real life girls, in that I wait a couple of days to talk to her again?


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  • Most girls I read about get worried when they "see a guy online," but it's hypocritical because that means they are online too.

    Get more numbers and keep talking to her in whatever way is convenient for you. Try to have 3+ numbers at a time. Girls flake so much online, trust me. Getting a number just means there is a better chance of meeting her, but not 100%. I've had cancellations a plenty from online, both with and without notice(never drove to the destination luckily for any of them).

    If you're worried it may sound shady to get more numbers, just remember, she probably has an inbox of 30+ messages and she could be talking to them as well and she's probably talking to some of them too. Give her no priority whatsoever until you have seen her in the flesh. She may not even look anything like her pictures.

    Reminds me of a time where I had 3 numbers going. I would text them all at once and hold conversations with them. one didn't like my taste of music so she stopped. The other wouldn't meet, but guess what? The third one we met. If I kept focusing on only one of them, it might not have been her. Had some great times.


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  • How about call her and ask her out?

    • She already said she can't do it this week while we were still messaging online. Should I still be texting her...

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    • She's a nurse, so her hours are pretty much all over the place. She might have a nightshift, and calling her at in the afternoon while she's sleeping will prob piss her off, would def piss me off.

    • then keep doing what you're doing.

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